A heart with a history makes its debut
Vivianna Torun, one of the most inventive and acclaimed designers in the history of Georg Jensen, was known for her fluid, organic shapes and beautiful use of silver. For Valentine’s Day 2016, her playful, evocative Hidden Heart pendant is re-released decades after it was originally designed. The pendant is subtle and expressive, with all the touches one would expect from Torun. 

Inspired by Torun’s Mobius design, the pendant appears to be a simple, undulating disc of sculpted silver, revealing a heart hidden upside-down in its open center. Cleverly, this heart is always viewed in the correct orientation by the wearer, as she looks down. A heart is the universal symbol of love, but with Torun as its designer, it becomes something more.  

Torun’s pendant was created with natural beauty, and a quiet but powerful message. Her uncompromising passion and seemingly limitless imagination helped develop a devoted following that included Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and Pablo Picasso. The Hidden Heart, with its messages of love, strength, and connection, is comforting to wear, simple to give, and an object of beauty to embrace for a lifetime.