Stilleben – Georg Jensen





Behind Stilleben is Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, both educated from the Royal Academy of Arts School of Design in Copenhagen, specialized in ceramics and glass. The two designers own and run the carefully curated store Stilleben, have their own product line and design products for companies such as Kähler, Trip Trap & Georg Jensen. 

“As designers and store owners our focus is to create new stories and esthetic expressions that reflect the time we live in. We use our experience to determine which products are able to be both innovative and marketable. We always take our point of departure in history and the esthetic expression when we start a new project, with the recipient and context of the product act as underlying considerations. We strive to create products that at once both pulls from the past and reaches towards the future and which continues to evolve our perception of what is beautiful and inspiring”.


Aldo Bakker
Alfredo Häberli
Alken & Bengtsson
All The Way To Paris
Allan Scharff
Anne Ammitzbøll
Arne Jacobsen
Arno Malinowski
Astrid Fog
Aurélien Barbry
Bo Bonfils
Constantin Wortmann
David Chu
Georg Jensen
Grethe Meyer
Gundorph Albertus
Harald Nielsen
Helena Rohner
Helle Damkjær
Henning Koppel
Ibe Dalquist
Ilse Crawford
Jacqueline Rabun
Johan Rohde
John Sebastian
Jordan Askill
Jørgen Møller
Karen Bit Vejle
Kim Buck
Klaus Rath
Louise Campbell
Magnus Stephensen
Marc Newson
Maria Berntsen
Michael Young
Nanna Ditzel
Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer
Nina Koppel
Patricia Urquiola
Philip Bro Ludvigsen
Rebecca Uth
Regitze Overgaard
Rikke Hagen
SPACE Copenhagen
Scholten & Baijings
Sigvard Bernadotte
Søren Georg Jensen
Søren Ulrik Petersen
Thomas Sandell
Todd Bracher
Verner Panton
Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe
Zaha Hadid

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